A-380 First Officer

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23 Nov 2017
First Officer
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South Korea, Asia
Pilot job details:

 First Officer 500+ hours on A380 1,000+ hours multi crew jet 2,000+ hours total time Flown on A380 within the last 12 months or within last 24 months if currently flying another multicrew Jet aircraft Under 45 years of age SALARY AND BENEFITS Monthly Salary: $12,703 per month (U.S.) Per Diem Paid directly by Korean Air Pay Review: Salary Increase based on the U.S. Cost of Living Index may be payable on an annual basis at Korean Air’s sole discretion when the company has been profitable in the previous fiscal year. Housing: Hotel Accommodations in Seoul and throughout KAL network. Guarantee: 75 hours per month Overtime: $135/hour (US) Optional Medical Insurance: TBD TERMS AND CONDITIONS Contract Term: 5 Years from first day of ground school Domicile: Incheon, Korea Days Off: 12 days per month Paid Leave (Holiday): 24 days per year Sick Leave 14 paid days per year Scheduling: Per Company Policy
  • Company: Korean Air
  • Position: First Officer
Job Details, Requirements, and Compensation
  • Link to Paramount aviation website->KAL A380 FO June 1, 2017.pdf