Air Astana NTR B757/767, A320, EMB175 First Officer

Spectrum aviation
Date posted
12 Jan 2018
First Officer
Aircraft Types
A320, B757, B767, EMB 170
Type rating
Not required
Asia, Kazakhstan

Pilot job details:

Spectrum Aviation, on behalf of our client Air Astana are currently accepting applicants for the position of Non-Type Rated First Officers on their fleet of B757/B767, A320 and EMB175.

Applicants do not need to be Type Rated on the aircraft type and full training will be provided by Air Astana. Benefits of this contract include:

  • Four-year contract
  • 6weeks on / 2 weeks off commuting roster (available after Line Training completed)
  • Confirmed tickets on the Air Astana network to coincide with your 2 weeks off
  • Ground transport to and from work provided
  • Apartment accommodation provided
  • Opportunities to conve
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