Air China Cargo B744 Captains

Longreach aviation
Date posted
16 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
Type rating
Asia, China
Pilot job details:

Air China Cargo requires experienced B747-400 Captains for its cargo operations.

Air China Cargo operates to 32 European, American and Asian-Pacific freight flights weekly, with destination of Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei.

ACC offers a great remuneration package, with 2 different lifestyle rosters for pilots to choose from.

These contracts are 2 years in length and renewable, based in Shanghai and have excellent conditions. All remuneration is net/after taxes in China.

In addition, Longreach China includes worldwide medical coverage, life insurance and complete loss of income protection (underwritten by Lloyds of London) for all of its crew.


Current base is Shanghai, with possibly Europe and Nth America in the future.




Contract Length: 2 years renewable.

There are three types of roster available, and salary is commensurate with the roster chosen.

Note: Salary payable increases by US$500 per month with each renewing of your 2 year contract.

Please note: All payments are in USD and are net of Chinese tax.

Salary & Benefits: B777 & B744 Captain

Roster Choice 28 days leave plus
28 days off
42 days leave plus
42 days off
Monthly Salary
(80 hrs/mth)
$13,200 SPIC
$12,000 Junior Capt
$12,200 SPIC
$11,000 Junior Capt
Monthly Hours 80 hrs per month 80 hrs per month
Overtime $165/hr SPIC
$150/hr Junior Capt
$165/hr SPIC
$150/hr Junior Capt
Base Allowance $2,000/mth for Shanghai $2,000/mth for Shanghai
Travel Allowance $1,000/mth $1,000/mth#
Living Allowance $3,000/mth $3,000/mth
Annual Bonus $3,000 to $8,000 from 2nd year to 10th year
Annual Remuneration $216,000 - $230,400 $204,000 - $218,600
Sick Leave 12 days per year
Travel Benefits 13 round trip tickets p.a. (10 Int'l + 3 Domestic) on Air China network after 6 months
Benefits Loss of Licence insurance available,
renewable to age 63


  1. Valid and Current B747-400 rating
  2. Minimum 500 hours PIC B747-400
  3. Minimum 2,000 hrs PIC in total
  4. Minimum 5,000 hrs total time
  5. Current on type within 12 months, with valid proficiency check
  6. Less than 58 years of age at start of assignment
  7. Valid ATPL from country with diplomatic relations with PRC
  8. Valid First Class Medical
  9. Valid passport from country with diplomatic relations with PRC
  10. No history of incidents or accidents
  11. No criminal record
  12. ICAO English Level 4 or above