Air Japan B767 Captains

Longreach aviation
Date posted
16 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
Type rating
Not required
Asia, Japan
Tokyo, commuting contract
Pilot job details:

Longreach Aviation, in partnership with Crew Resources Worldwide, is pleased to offer these excellent commuting contracts with Air Japan for Captains on the B767 for both type rated and non-type rated airline Captains.

Air Japan operates a fleet of passenger & freighter B767s which operate within Asia to China, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore and Honolulu with more destinations [...] contracts are for 5 years in length with an operating base of Narita, Japan.

An excellent commuting package is offered with a block of 10 days off per month as a contractual minimum. Additionally, current policy is to allow 2 extra days for commuting, and the possibility exists to add 2 vacation days giving a total of 14 days off as a block.

Air Japan also provides $2000 USD per month to assist with commuting to Tokyo, whilst also offering staff travel on Star Alliance partner airlines.

Air Japan are interviewing now soif you need more information, or would like to discuss any aspect of this position.

If you wish, Longreach can arrange for one of our pilot consultants to contact you so you can talk at length, and in depth, about this position. No other recruitment company has pilots talking to pilots, giving an honest pilot’s perspective.


Please Note:

Air Japan has advised that they will mainly be recruiting First Officers, and that Captain positions will, in general, be filled with upgrades. However, in the event a scheduled class falls short of FO candidates, Air Japan may choose to fill any empty slots with direct entry Captains.

Longreach suggests that you complete the forms and submit them to us. We will have them on file when such a position becomes available.



The following table shows the pay rates at Air Japan.
All amounts are US Dollars.

Air Japan Captains

All Amounts
$US per month
Pension Experience
Per Diem Total USD
per month
Trainee 10642 0 0 0 0 $44/nt $10642
1st Year 10642 550 0 2000 550 976 $14718
2nd Year 11875 550 239 2000 550 976 $16190
3rd Year 12042 550 484 2000 550 976 $16602
4th year 12231 550 737 2000 550 976 $17044
5th Year 12436 550 999 2000 550 976 $17511
  • B767 type rating provided by Air Japan
  • No bond payable for the rating
  • Up to 14 days off in a block per month
  • Contract completion bonus of $30,000 USD after 5 years
  • 24 vacation days per year
  • 12 days sick leave per year
  • Worldwide medical insurance provided for pilot and family. This includes US health insurance for US citizens.
  • Staff travel benefits on Star Alliance
  • Life insurance provided for up to $300,000 AUD
  • 5 year contract with extensions to age 65

Captain Requirements

  • JCAB Licence
  • 6,000 hours Total Time
  • 3,000 hours Jet PIC
  • ICAO licence with Command rating
  • Multi-engine Jet experience > 50,000kg
  • Valid ICAO Medical Certificate
  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher