Air traffic controller trainee NATS UK

Date posted
23 Nov 2016
Closing date
23 Dec 2019
ATC officer
Europe, United Kingdom
Air traffic controller job details:

A career like no other

Air Traffic Controllers are at the heart of our business, guiding pilots to keep aircraft flying safely, efficiently and on time.

Air traffic control is a career like no other. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be part of a community of highly-trained professionals, who are essential to the smooth and safe running of the aviation industry. 24 hours a day, they help to keep some of the busiest airspace in the world moving. The work is challenging and demanding, but it’s immensely rewarding too.

What makes a good Controller?

People come to this career from all kinds of backgrounds. So while you may have knowledge or experience of aviation, it’s by no means essential. It’s the kind of job in which your attitude and aptitude is far more important than your specific background.