AIS Airlines non-rated J31 Captains

AIS Airlines
Date posted
17 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
Jetstrem 31/41
Type rating
Not required
Europe, Netherlands

Pilot job details:

Skills required:

–      Above average flying abilities;

–      Highly motivated;

–      Flexible and balanced team player personality;

–      Above standard professional leadership qualities to perform as accepted leader;

–      Fluent in (aviation) English language;

–      Dutch language desirable.

Qualification required:

–      Valid Part-FCL ATPL(A) or Part-FCL CPL(A) with ATPL theory + MCC certificate and all experience requirements for the issuance of a full ATPL;

–      Minimum LPE level 5 (already endorsed in the license);

–      Valid ME-IR rating;

–      Valid Part-MED Class 1 medical certificate;


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