ATR-72 500 Captain

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22 Mar 2018
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Mauritius, Africa
Pilot job details:

GENERAL TERMS: PILOT CONTRACT TERM:1 year (renewable) CREW BASE(S):Port Louis ROTATION(S): 1. Non-Commuting (local) 2. 3 weeks On / 1 Weeks Off 3. 6 weeks On / 2 Weeks Off CONTRACT START / END TRAVEL Air Mauritius to provide travel at beginning and end of contract. UNIFORM / MANUALS Provided by Air Mauritius SICK LEAVE 6 paid sick days per calendar year HEALTH INSURANCE Pilot shall be responsible for cost of health insurance. Paramount to provide access to insurance. PAID LEAVE Pilot on Local Rotation ONLY receive 14 days paid leave per year. CREW QUALIFICATIONS: a) Hold a current and valid ATPL with appropriate type rating. b) Hold a valid medical certificate c) Be age 63 or younger d) Be a certified Line Instructor (LFI/TRI) or Checker (LFE/TRE) for Captains working in these capacities. e) No history of accidents or incidents.
  • Company: Air Mauritius
  • Position: Captain
Job Details, Requirements, and Compensation
  • Link to Paramount aviation website->Air Mauritius ATR-72 500 Contact Overview March 2018(1).pdf