B-767 First Officers

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23 Nov 2017
First Officer
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Japan, Asia
Pilot job details:

 Air Japan (AJX) is subsidiary or All Nippon Airways (ANA). AJX offers excellent terms and conditions with a monthly commuting rotation. First Officers are eligible for upgrade after completing their first contract. B-767 FIRST OFFICER REQUIREMENTS • Total Flight Experience in excess of 3,000 hours • Commercial Jet Experience (airline) in excess of 1,000 hours • 2,000 hours airline (part 121) Jet experience is competitive • Boeing 737 or Airbus A-320 airline experience is preferred • 250 hrs. PIC; 100 hrs. PIC Cross Country; 200 hrs. Cross Country; • 100 hrs. Night Flight; 75 hrs. Instrument Flight; Required. • Valid ICAO State ATPL • ICAO Level 4 English • Valid ICAO Jet Aircraft Command Type Rating or P2 - SIC Rating • Valid ICAO State Class 1 Medical Certificate • Must complete their first contract prior to their 60th birthday Total monthly compensation: $7,762.00-Traniee $11,288.00-1st Year $12,450.00-2nd year $12,827.00-3rd Year $13,177.00-4th Year $13,563.00-5th Year For more information please send your qualifications to [removed]
  • Company: Air Japan
  • Position: First Officer
Job Details, Requirements, and Compensation
  • Link to Paramount aviation website->AJX B767 FO Overview 4 May 15.pdf