B737 Captains with China Eastern Wuhan Airlines (UAW)

Date posted
11 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
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Asia, China

Pilot job details:

ASSA Terms and Conditions

for B737 Captains

with China Eastern Wuhan Airlines


China Eastern Wuhan Airlines in China, which has an independent legal personality of subsidiary company, was established in August 2002. After ten years of hard work, the company fleet strength, operation ability, brand image and consolidating and ascension, and become the central regions with strong competition strength of modernization and internationalization, the network carriers, become a central hub of main make type base airlines. Company staff is consisted with 1700 people of high quality talents. The company now has listed 19 aircrafts. International mainstream of high performance aircraft, Boeing 737 aircraft (type 300 5 aircrafts, type 800 9 aircrafts), with the 5 international advanced technology level of EMB145 type.


<Minimum Qualifications>

- 500 hours PIC time on type(B737 EFIS or NG) and

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