B737NG Captains with Shenzhen Airlines (SZA)

Date posted
11 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
Type rating
China, Europe

Pilot job details:

ASSA Terms and Conditions

for B737NG Captains

with Shenzhen Airlines (SZA)


Shenzhen Airlines was founded in November 1992 and started its service on September 17th, 1993. It is a joint-stock Airline Company specializing in air passenger, cargo and mail transportation and now it is China’s 5th biggest carrier. Shenzhen Airlines has managed more than 95 aircrafts by Jan, 2011, including 44 Airbus 320 and 51 Boeing 737.


<Minimum Qualifications>

- 1,000+ PIC hours on type / 3,000+ total flying hours

- Current on type within 15 months

- Valid proficiency/simulator check

- Valid ATPL license

- Valid medical certificate class1

- Age under 50 (Exception can be made on a case by case)

- Be a citizen of a country with diplomatic relations with PRC and being ICAO member

- ICAO English level +4

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