B757/767 Captain for YTO Airlines

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Date posted
9 Nov 2017
Aircraft Types
B757, B767
Type rating
Asia, China
Pilot job details:

Job Details:

Minimum requirements are as follows:

  • 500 hours PIC on type
  • 3500 hours Total Time
  • Current on type within 12 months
  • Maximum age: Rated Captains: 
    • B757/767: 55 years of age
    • B737: 50 years of age, 50+ can be considered case by case
  • Valid/current ATPL,  Valid/current Class A (First Class) Medical
  • Valid passport issued by a country that has diplomatic relations with China
  • No history of incidents or accidents. 
  • ICAO Level 4 (or equivalent) English proficiency
  • No criminal history.  

Base:  Hangzhou, China

Term:  4 years, renewable

Total Compensation (net): UP TO $282,500 per year!

Option 1:  Two weeks on, Two weeks off 

(Note:  You may also be able to request 4 on, 4 off)

Total Compensation:  $23,547/mo.

Base salary:  $10,000/mo.

Labor Fee:    45,500CNY/mo ($6853/mo).

Housing Allowance: 10,000CNY/mo ($$1,506/mo).

Transportation Allowance: 10,000CNY/mo ($1506/mo). 

Language Training Allowance: 6,000CNY/mo ($904/mo). 

Intl. Ticket Allowance:  60,000CNY/yr ($753/mo).  

Insurance Allowance: 50,000CNY/yr ($7530/yr…reimbursement)

Relocation fee:  20,000CNY ($3011) (reimbursement…one time payment)

Operation Bonus:  20,000CNY/yr ($3011/yr)

Safety Bonus:  25,000CNY/yr ($3765/yr)

Welcome Bonus:  $8,000 (one time payment)

Contract Completion Bonus:  $40,000

Overtime fee:  1,000CNY/hr ($150/hr) above 50 hours.  $100 extra if above 600 hours in a year

Instructor fee:  6,500CNY/mo ($980/mo)

Manager:  6,500CNY/mo ($980/mo)

Training Pay:  

  1. For CAAC license holder: Full pay start from date of the contract effective date.

       b.    For non-CAAC license holder: From contract start date to the date of receiving CAAC
              crew pass, salary is 30% of total monthly income; From date of
              receiving CAAC crew pass to date of passing the line check, 70% of total monthly
              income. After passing line check and become fully qualified captain, full pay.

Holiday Vacation:  YTO takes the entire month off around Chinese New Year.  The whole company enjoys vacation during this time.

Additional Information:

Chinese income taxes will be paid by Capital Airlines. Expat status may dramatically reduce your national tax liability. Consult your CPA for tax advice.
Optional global medical/dental health plan (for pilot and family). International Medical Insurance Coverage is optional and will cover you and your family anywhere in the world. Details are available at [...]
Loss of CAAC Medical License Insurance exclusively for foreign pilots in China is available at 

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Employer YTO Airlines
Role Flight Crew
Position Full Time
Location Hangzhou China
Required Type Rating B757,B767,