B777, B787, A330 TYPE & NON TYPE CAPTAINS with China Southern Airlines (CSA)

Date posted
11 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
A330, B777, B787
Type rating
Not required
Asia, China
Pilot job details:

Terms and Conditions for


With China Southern Airlines (CSA)


China Southern Airlines operates the largest fleet, most developed route network and largest passenger capacity in the people’s republic of China. Currently it operates more than 600 aircrafts and helicopters, including the Boeing 787, 777, 757, 737 as well as the Airbus A380, 330, 321, 320 and 319. In terms of fleet size, China Southern is the largest airline of Asia and the fifth among the 240 airlines of IATA, being the first airline in the world to operate A380 and B787 Dreamliner. With its close partnership with other Sky Team partner airlines, China Southern has broadened its air network and now it connects 177 nations with convenient access to 1,052 destinations, including all major world [...];


<Minimum Qualifications>

- Minimum 5,000 hours in the front seat time on turboprop and turbojet (simulator time not included)

- Minimum 2,000 PIC experience hours in the multi-crew, multi-engine commercial jet aircraft

with an MTOW of 50 tons above

- Valid ATPL with type rating B737NG/B747-400/B757/B767/B777/B787/A320/A330/A340/A380

- Valid Class1 medical certificate

- ICAO English level 4 or above

- No history of incidents or accidents

- No criminal record

- Flight breaks no more than 180 days and valid the last proficiency check

- Recurrent simulator successfully completed within 6 months

- Provide security evaluation comment (original) issued by the former airlines employer


<Minimum PIC Hours>




- Current A380 Captains who does not have A330 endorsement will attend A380 sim check.

- All B747 pilots without B747-400 type rating will NOT be accepted.

- All B737 pilots without B737NG (600, 700, 800, 900) type rating will NOT be accepted.

- B737NG pilots shall be given the priority to the other non-type pilots listed in the form above.

- For B777, B787 captain positions, CSA stops accepting pilots who does not have Boeing flight experience.


<Terms & Conditions>

Contract Terms: 4 years, renewable

Base: Guangzhou (CAN) / In Reverse scheduling pattern (RSP) / Commuting (CMT)



<Training Syllabus>



<Initial Required Documents>

Please send us the following documents:

  1. Valid License (showing type rating) and ICAO English certificate (Lv.4 or above)
  2. Valid Medical Certificate Class 1
  3. CSA Application Form
  4. Recent 3 pages of Log book
  5. Passport photo page (should have 3 years or above validation)


<Initial Screening>

Candidate should go through the following process before employment:

  1. Interview
  2. Aviation Theory Exam (Chinese ATPL)

The study materials will be provided after you submit all the required documents to us.

  1. Medical Check
  2. Company Simulator Assessment



Forward your completed application form to

If you have any questions, please contact [...]Ms. Jennifer.


■ Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change ■

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.