B777 Type Rated & Non-Type Captains with Air China Cargo (ACC)

Date posted
11 Nov 2016
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Asia, China
Pilot job details:



For Type B777 and NON TYPE RaTED Captains



Air China Cargo Co., Ltd headquartered in Beijing, is established on December 12, 2003 and held by Air China Limited. Air China Cargo has the largest fleet of Boeing 747-400 cargo planes among civil airline companies of China. As of September 2015, The Air China Cargo fleet consists of B747-400F(2), B757-200PF(2), B 777F(8).

  Air China Cargo now operates scheduled freighter services to 20 cities in 10 countries around the worlds like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Anchorage, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei and so on.


<Minimum Qualification>


-Current within 12 months (must have a valid/current PC)

-Valid ATPL license, valid passport, Medical Class 1

-ICAO English Level 4 or above

-Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China

-No incidents or accidents, no license limitations


<Terms & Conditions>


Contract Term:

 Type rated captains: 2 years, renewable

 Non-type rated captains: 4 years, renewable



Beijing & Shanghai, China

Working Conditions : Below amounts are AFTER tax


  1. B777 rated Captain




      2.  B777 Non Type rated Captain (B737/757/767 and B747 400 may apply this position)




Additional information Treatment for sick-leave period 12 days


  1. Foreign pilots may enjoy 12 days of sick leave with salary at most each year. However the sick leave can not be more than 2 days each month. Where the sick leave with salary is beyond 2 days, the annual leave will be deducted according to the days exceeded.
  2. For the long term sick leave, the basic salary of 1 month will be paid at 40% rate and 1 month of allowance shall also be paid. If the sick leave is more than 1 month, application shall be made for sick leave without salary. During the period of sick leave without salary, all the salary and benefits shall be ceased until the end of the Contract duration.    


<Initial Required Documents>

Please send us the following documents list as below:

1. Valid License and ICAO English certificate

2. Valid Medical Certificate Class1

3. Application form

4. Last 3 pages of log book

5. Passport (photo page)

6. ICAO English Level 4 or above

7. Resume including flight hours

8. No accident / incident report (from previous / current employer) – can be provided later

9. No criminal record – issued by your local police authority – can be provided later


<Initial Screening>


Candidate should go through the following before employment

1. Interview

2. Aviation theory exam (Chinese ATPL)

3. Medical Check

4. Company simulator assessment


**The study materials will be provided after receiving all application documents.


Forward your completed application form to

If you have any query, please contact [...]Ms. Emily.


Disclaimer – The terms and conditions are subject to change.

The changed terms and conditions will be provided before signing the contract.