Beibu Gulf A320 Captains - 177,200USD-305,000USD

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Date posted
22 Dec 2016
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Asia, China
Pilot job details:



Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines Co., LTD based in Nanning Wuxu International Airport, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is jointly invested by Tianjin Airline and Beibu Gulf Investment Group. As the brand new subsidiary of HNA Group, Guangxi BeibuGulf Air has grown up rapidly and started their foreign pilots recruitment recently. With the great support of HNA Group and local government, Gulf Air is planning on introducing 10 airplanes each year. The company plans to develop more international flights to Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Bangkok, Djakarta, Manila and Hongkong, [...];


  • Contract term:4 years

  • Working pattern:Residence, 4 wweks on 4 weeks off, 3 weeks on 3 weeks off, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

  • Fleet:3 A320,10 E190

  • Highlights:Many working patten choices

                          Yearly salary increases year by year


GX Beibu Gulf Air Pattern1 Pattern2 Pattern3 Pattern4
Resident 4 weeks on 4 weeks off 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 6 weeks on 3 weeks off 6 weeks on 2 weeks off 3 weeks on 3 weeks off
Type A320
Contract Year 4 years 
Yearly Income 267,992 usd/1st year
273,992 usd/2nd year
278,992 usd/3rd year
266,000 usd/1st year
272,000 usd/2nd year
277,000 usd/3rd year
254,000 usd/1st year
260,000 usd/2nd year
265,000 usd/3rd year
242,000 usd/1st year
248,000 usd/2nd year
253,000 usd/3rd year
177,200 usd/1st year
183,200 usd/2nd year
188,200 usd/3rd year
177,200 usd/1st year
183,200 usd/2nd year
188,200 usd/3rd year
230,000 usd/1st year
236,000 usd/2nd year
241,000 usd/3rd year
255,200 usd/1st year
261,200 usd/2nd year
266,200 usd/3rd year
177,200 usd/1st year
183,200 usd/2nd year
188,200 usd/3rd year
Monthly Income 20,666 USD 20,500 USD 19,500 USD 18,500 USD 13,100 USD 13,100 USD 17,500 USD 19,600 USD 13,100 USD
Annual Leave 90days 110days 120days 130days /
Sick Leave 5 days
Monthly Basic Salary 20,666 USD 20,500 USD 19,500 USD 18,500 USD 13,100 USD 13,100 USD 17,500 USD 19,600 USD 13,100 USD
Bonus Safety /
Annual Bonus 12,000 usd/first year, 18,000 usd/second year, 23,000 usd/third year
Renewal Bonus 20,000 USD(Paid in four years)
Loyalty Bonus /
Allowance Housing /
Transport /
Travel 8,000 usd/ year
Education /
Block Hours 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m 80h/m
Overtime Pay  280USD/H     
Ticket Benefits 1) ID 75 domestic tickets within HNA and Beibu Gulf Air network for the pilots 2) ID 75 domestic tickets for the captains [...];family members on Beibu Gulf Air network.
Insurance Pension Insurance, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Maternity Insurance, Work Injury Insurance
Base Nanning, Guangxi Province
Fleet 3 A320-200 10 ERJ-190 
Training Pay 60% of monthly salary
Training length 60 days


  1. Aircraft Type: A320

  2. Age Limit: 52 years old

  3. Flight Experience: 600 PIC hours on current type

  4. License and medical: current and valid ATPL & Class 1 Medical certificate by ICAO member state, ICAO level 4 or above.

  5. No Criminal records



Please send us the documents as below for application. We will assist you to join the screening.

  1. Application Form

  2. Passport

  3. ATPL with ICAO English level

  4. Class 1 Medical Certificate

  5. Last 3 pages of logbook(left and right sides)

  6. Latest Proficiency Check Record or Recurrent training record

  7. Consent letter with Smile Aviation

  8. Certificate of Academic Degree(colorful scan copy)



Screening Schedule

In the beginning or mid of each month most airlines will release their next month screening schedule, we’ll update here timely. Please choose your preferred date for assessment or inform us your available month in advance.

Screening Items

Only 1 trip to China to finish all the required process!

Medical Check, ATP written test, Company SIM check, CAAC Licensing Checkride

Screening Preparation

Before coming to China, we suggest you to look through the information below on our website:


  1. Visa, Tickets, Hotel

    Our Recruitment Team will assist your visa application, tickets and hotel reservation when you pass qualification check. Tickets and Hotel expenses are covered by airlines. Normally you need to buy the ticket first and get refund from airlines after screening.

  2. Simulator Assessment

    We’ll send you the SIM checklist and relevant profiles when you pass qualification check.

  3. Medical check

    The medical problems that most fail pilots in China are as below. Before you come to China, please keep a light diet and better to have some simple check for your organ. Medical tips will be sent to you together with SIM profiles.

  4. Kidney stone

  5. High blood pressure

  6. Arrhythmia of the heart

  7. Fatty liver GPT ALT high

  8. Glaucoma

  9. Color blindness - cannot see the figures on the book under a fluorescent lamp

  10. Obesity

  11. ATP Written Test

    This test is not difficult as long as you work hard on it. The passing line is 70 of 100, requires constant practice and considerable memorization. Test-oriented and practical ATP self-study materials can be offered upon your approval during qualification check.

An agent from Smile Aviation will guide you step by step during your screening duration in China.