Colorful Guizhou Airlines E190 Captains - 212,000USD--306,996USD

Smile aviation
Date posted
22 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
EMB 190
Type rating
Asia, China

Pilot job details:


Colorful Guizhou Airlines is a low-cost Chinese regional airline based at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport, Guizhou. It is intended to improve air service in Western China, particularly Guizhou Province. It is the first locally-owned airline in the [...] name “Colorful Guizhou” comes from a marketing campaign by the provincial government; it signifies the cultural diversity within Guizhou Province.


  • Contract term:4 years

  • Working pattern:Residence, 4 weeks on 4weeks off

  • Fleet:4 E190

  • Highlights:Highest payment for E190 captains among Chinese market

                          Yearly income up to 275,996 USD/year




Coloful Guizhou Airines Resident(90 days annual leave) Residence(130 days leave) 4 weeks on 4 weeks off
Type Rating\t E190\t
Yearly Income in Total

275,996 USD 1st year

281,996 USD 2nd year

286,996 USD 3rd year

306,996 USD 4th year

243,992 USD 1st year

249,992 USD 2nd year

254,992 USD 3rd year

274,992 USD 4th year

212,000 USD 1st year

218,000 USD 2nd year

223,000 USD 3rd year

243,000 USD 4th year

Monthly Income 21,333 USD 18,666 USD 16,000 USD
Annual Leave\t 90 days 130 days /
Sick Leave\t 5 days\t
Monthly Basic Salary E190 21,333 USD 18,666 USD 16,000 USD
Bonus Safety
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