Deer Jet: Gulfstream V Captains

Longreach aviation
Date posted
24 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
Gulfstream V
Type rating
Asia, China
Pilot job details:

Longreach China has available Captain positions with Deer Jet based in Beijing, China.

Deer Jet was first established in 1995 as a subsidary of the Hainan Airlines Group, China’s fourth largest commercial airline. It is currently the largest corporate jet operator in China and services business clients both domestically and internationally.

Deer is expanding its fleet of Gulfstream V aircraft and requires type rated and experienced G5 Captains. The conditions on offer are probably the best available anywhere. Contracts are for 3 years renewable and Longreach will provide a suite of benefits that make this an unbeatable package.

There are 5 types of rosters available, enabling a straight forward commute to almost anywhere around the world.

If you would to download a flyer for Deer Jet, then please



Contract Length: 3 years renewable

Deer Jet offers five types of roster of varying work cycles, and salary is commensurate with the roster chosen.

Please note: Deer Jet pays all Chinese income tax on behalf of the pilot, therefore the rates of income below are what you receive, tax already paid.

Salary Benefits: Captains on BBJ-ACJ-GV-F7X

Roster Choice Salary
9 wks On 3 wks Off, or
6 wks On 2 wks Off
$15,000 USD $10,000 1st year
$20,000 2nd year
$30,000 3rd year
6 wks On
3 wks Off
$12,500 USD $5,000 1st year
$10,000 2nd year
$15,000 3rd year
5 wks On
3 wks Off
$11,500 USD $2,500 1st year
$5,000 2nd year
$7,500 3rd year
4 wks On
4 wks Off
$8,000 USD $1,000 1st year
$3,000 2nd year
$5,000 3rd year
6000 RMB per month (approx $1000 USD)
Travel Subsidy 5000 RMB per month (approx $850 USD)


  1. Gulfstream GV/550/500/450 rating
  2. Minimum 3500 hrs flight experience
  3. Minimum 500 hours PIC
  4. Minimum of 300 hours on type
  5. Age less than 55
  6. Valid ATPL from country with diplomatic relations with PRC.
  7. Valid First Class Medical
  8. Valid passport from country with diplomatic relations with PRC.
  9. No history of incidents or accidents
  10. No criminal record
  11. ICAO English Level 4 or above