Frontier Airlines Pilot

Frontier Airlines
Date posted
18 Jan 2018
First Officer
Aircraft Types
Other type
Type rating
Not required
United States

Pilot job details:

Requisition Number 17-0060
Post Date 1/17/2018
Title Frontier Airlines Pilot
City Various

The First Officer is responsible for ensuring safe and timely flight operations in accordance with all Company policies and Federal Aviation Regulations. The duties of the First Officer include, but are not limited to:


  • Ensures the safe and timely completion of flight operations in accordance with all Company policies and Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).  
  • Responsible for the operation of the aircraft during the designated period of duty unless relieved by Company authority.  This involves operating the aircraft according to applicable Company policies and Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • Maintains a high degree of proficiency and a thorough knowledge of flight operations, procedures and systems applicable to the aircraft flown.
  • Through completion of appropriate pre and post-flight inspection, ensures the airworthy condition of assigned aircraft in accordance with Company policy and Federal Aviation Regulation.
  • Becomes familiar with existing and forecast departure, arrival, and if applicable, alternate station weather prior to each flight.
  • Ensures that the flight is planned and fueled properly so that it may be conducted safely and in accordance with current policies and regulations.
  • Assists with and ensures proper handling of aircraft, passenger, baggage, and cargo at terminal points where other company personnel are not available. 
  • Notifies crew and passengers promptly of turbulence, adverse weather conditions or any other operational factors affecting the flight.
  • Ensures that the load manifest for a flight is reviewed and the passenger count is verified prior to each departure.
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