Guangxi Airlines EMB Captains

Longreach aviation
Date posted
24 Nov 2016
Aircraft Types
EMB 190
Type rating
Asia, China
Pilot job details:

Longreach Aviation is pleased to offer Captain positions on the Embraer 190 with Guangxi Gulf Airlines (GXA), based out of Nanning, the Capital of Guangxi Province in Southern China.

With support from the local government, and the HNA group, GX Air plans to grow it fleet and route structure over the next few years and has recently started recruiting foreign pilots with an excellent package offered for experienced ERJ Captains.

Contracts are 4 years in length, with many resident and commuting lifestyle roster options available.

A total of 10 roster choices in total!

Salary payable varies considerably based upon the roster selected, however pilots can expect to earn from US$190,000 to US$250,000 per year. GX Air pays your Chinese income tax so all payments are net in your hand.

After two years, you will have the option of moving to the A320 fleet as a Captain, upon satisfactory performance and subject to operational requirements.

The combination of remuneration, lifestyle roster choices and future A320 opportunity makes this a competitive contract for any ERJ Captain.

Longreach provides all of its pilots with access to our group Loss of Income insurance and Life Insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London, with selectable levels of cover, and all Longreach pilots are automatically covered by our emergency medical insurance and travel benefits package.

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Guangxi Airlines Benefits

Pleaseto view the benefits of the 5 roster choices at GX Air.



  1. ERJ 190/195/175/170 rating
  2. Minimum 600 hrs PIC on type
  3. Minimum 3,000 hrs total
  4. Flown on type within 12 months
  5. Maximum age of 52 at time of application
  6. Valid ICAO ATPL
  7. Valid First Class Medical
  8. ICAO English Level 4 or above
  9. No accidents or incidents