Hainan Airlines A330 Captain--Accept A320 - 152,400USD-297,000 USD

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Date posted
22 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
Type rating
Asia, China

Pilot job details:




Hainan Airlines Company Limited (HNA) is the largest privately-owned air transport company and the fourth-largest airline in terms of fleet size in China. It operates scheduled domestic and international services on 500 routes from Hainan and nine locations on the mainland,as well as charter  [...] Airlines is one of the seven airlines to be ranked as a 5-star airline by the independent research consultancy firm Skytrax, having been promoted on January 11, [...] made it the first mainland Chinese carrier to win that award.


  • Contract term:4 yeras

  • Working pattern:Residence, 8 days off per month, 11 days off per month, 4 weeks on 4 weeks off

  • Fleet:22 A330, 125 B737, 3 B767,16 B787

  • Highlights:High salary up to 303,000/year

                     Multiple bases:Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou

                     Wide body type rating avaiable after one contract year

                     International ticket benefit






Hainan   Airlines 100% Resident 8 days off per   month 11 days off per   month 4 weeks on 4   weeks off (not available for NTR captains)
Contract Year 4 years
Type   Rating A330/320
Yearly Income 303,000 USD 291,000 USD 273,000 USD 170,400 USD
Monthly Income 23,000   USD 22,500   USD 21,000   USD 13,200   USD
Annual   Leave 30   days 30   days 20   days /
Sick   Leave 7   days
Monthly   Basic Salary 16,200   USD 16,700   USD 15,200   USD 9,700   USD
Bonus Safety 12,000   USD every 6 months 9,000   USD every 6 months 9,000   USD every 6 months 6,000   USD every 6 months
Annual Bonus /
Contract Completion Bonus Total 20,000 USD+ add incentives,+add 2 free ID tickets
  (3,000USD/1st year
  4,000USD/2nd year
  5,000USD/3rd year
  8,000USD/4th year)
12,000   USD, + add incentives,+add 2 free ID tickets
Loyalty Bonus /
Allowance Housing 2,000 USD/M 1,000 USD/M 1,000 USD/M /
Transport 1,000 USD/M 500 USD/M 500 USD/M 500 USD/M
Travel 500 USD/M

1)HNA will pay cooperated schools directly. USD2,000/Month/family from HNA and the rest fees deducted from pilots' monthly salary will be paid directly to   school

2) USD 1000/month/family will be paid directly to pilots salary if the pilo

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