Head of Crew Training

Date posted
22 Nov 2017

Aviation job details:

Head of Crew Training


The Head of Crew Training reports to the COO of the Company, and the role’s primary responsibility will be to manage all aspects of the crew training of the Company. This role includes, but is not limited to, the management of safety compliance, operational performance, cost, and the line management of the crew training team. To ensure the safe and efficient training of all crew in accordance with regulations and internal policies. To implement policies, standards and procedures of Wizz Air Operating Manual into all crew training, examination and checking processes. Ascertain that all of our instructors are suitably qualified to conduct training and enable safe conduct of all flights.



  • Being the Post Holder (EU OPS) for Crew Training for the Wizz Air Group. Reporting line and responsibilities are defined in OM part A 1.2.5;
  • Line management of the crew training team, including Instructors and all personnel involved in crew training;
  • Establish, maintain, revise and distribute OM Part D, implement legal requirements into OM Part D;
  • Implement the policy, standards and procedures of the Wizz Air OM D into all training, examination and checking;
  • Ensure the safe and efficient conduct of all Wizz Air crew training, in accordance with EASA regulations and the Hungarian law;
  • Enable safe conduct of all flights;
  • Monitor validities of trainings;
  • Ascertain that all instructors are suitably qualified to conduct training;
  • Set the training policy in coordination with the Head of Flight Operations/ Chief Pilot;
  • Set up training and checking program;
  • Define norms and standards for training and (re-) qualification of crews, instructors and examiners;
  • Obtain approval for training programs, examinations and Proficiency Checks from the Authority;
  • Check Type Rating Instructors to the standards mentioned in OM Part D;
  • T
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