Juneyao Airlines A320 Captain - 210,490USD-241,054USD

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Date posted
22 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
Type rating
Asia, China

Pilot job details:



Juneyao Airlines is the Top 100 private company in China. It was founded in Sep.2006 and based in Shanghai, China biggest city. Its main business scope includes domestic passenger and cargo transportation, business travel charter business and so [...] one of the most rapidly growing airlines in China, Juneyao Airlines is dedicated to using 5 to 10 years to become a distinctive [...];


  • Contract term:3 years

  • Working pattern:Residence, 6 weeks on 3 weeks off, 6 weeks on 2 weeks off, 3 weeks 1 weeks

  • Fleet:41 A320,15 A321

  • Highlights: Highest overtime pay

                           Yearly salary up to 232,400USD

                           Based in Shanghai, an international city easily adaptable for foreigners





Juneyao Resident 6 weeks on 2   weeks off 3 weeks on 1   weeks off 6 weeks on 3   weeks off
Type   Rating A320
Yearly   Income 241,054   USD 225,772   USD 210,490   USD
Monthly   Income 18,000   USD 16,800   USD 15,600   USD
Annual   Leave 50   days (including sick leave) /
Sick   Leave /
Monthly   Basic Salary 18,000 USD 16,800 USD 15,600 USD
Bonus Safety ¥57.00/H   * Flight Hour
(approximately7054 USD /year)
¥57.00/H   * Flight Hour
(approximately 6172 USD/year)
¥57.00/H   * Flight Hour
(approximately 5920 USD/year)
Annual Bonus /
Contract  18,000 USD(first contract finished)
  /40,000 USD(second contract finished)
9,000 USD(first contract finished)/20,000 USD(second contract finished)
Loyalty /
Allowance Housing /
Transport /
Travel 10,000   USD/Year(5000USD paid semi-annually)
Overseas employm
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