Non Type Rated Pilot for A321/A330/B747/B777 - EVA

Global pilot service
Date posted
22 Dec 2016
First Officer
Aircraft Types
A321, A330, B747-400, B777
Type rating
Not required
Pilot job details:

  • Contract Term

    3 Years

  • Location

    Base: Taiwan

  • Minimum Requirements
    • 500 jet hours with MTOW over 20 tons
    • at least 400 hours in civil aviation experiences
    • 2,000 total flight hours
    • English Level 4 and above
    • Valid ATPL
    • Valid Passport
    • Valid first class medical certificate
    • No criminal record
    • No accident / incident record
    • Current proficiency check record
  • Pattern & Package

    Option One: 8 days off / month with 22 days annual leave and 30 days sick leave

    Annual package NTD 2,256,000 (around USD 75,200) plus overtime pay  / hour over 900 hours/ year

    NTD 188,000 (around USD 6,266) per month basic service fee

    Extra Bonus and per diem 

    Taxation (According to R.OC. tax law, About 13-21% subject to number of dependents and pay.)

  • Benefits
    • Airline offer a chance for Non Type Rate Pilot to be upgraded to Type Rated First Officer for A321/A330/B747/B777 fleet
    • 1 free round ticket per year on standby seat
    • Concessional travel for pilot and pilots' family (unconfirmed ticket, economy class)
    • Medical / Accident / Loss of License Insurance are offered.
  • Others
    • *Payment withhelding which will be returned after completed 1st year and 2nd year.
    • If you are interested, please Apply Now or Contact Us for more information