Okay Airways B737 Captain - 131,000USD-314,000USD

Smile aviation
Date posted
22 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
Type rating
China, Asia

Pilot job details:

Okay Airways Company Ltd. is the first private capital aviation transportation enterprise approved by CAAC. Its headquarter is Beijing while operational base is Tianjin and [...] is the first company that introduce domestic aircraft in volume and put them into commercial operation.

  • Contract term:4 years

  • Working pattern:Residence, 8 days off per month, 10 days off per month, 15 days off per month, 6 weeks on 2 weeks off, 6 weeks on 3 weeks off, 2 month on 2 month off

  • Fleet:20 B, 13 

  • Highlights:Yearly income increase year by year

                          Multiple base choices:Beijing,Xian,Tianjin, Changsha


Okay AirwaysResidence with 36 days annual leave8 days off per month6 weeks on 2 weeks off10 days off per month6 weeks on 3 weeks off15 days off per month2 months on 2 months off
Type RatingB737NG
Yearly Income268,000 USD/1st year, 
282,000 USD/2nd year, 
290,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 
302,000 USD/5-6th year, 
308,000 USD/7-8th year, 
314,000 USD/9th+year
250,000 USD/1st year, 
258,000 USD/2nd year, 
266,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 278,000 USD/5-6th year, 284,000 USD/7-8th year, 290,000 USD/9th+year
244,000 USD/1st year, 
252,000 USD/2nd year, 
260,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 272,000 USD/5-6th year, 278,000 USD/7-8th year, 284,000 USD/9th+year
231,000 USD/1st year, 
239,000 USD/2nd year, 
246,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 258,000 USD/5-6th year, 364,000 USD/7-8th year, 270,000 USD/9th+year
225,000 USD/1st year, 
233,000 USD/2nd year, 
240,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 252,000 USD/5-6th year, 
258,000 USD/7-8th year, 
264,000 USD/9th+year
168,000 USD/1st year, 
181,000 USD/2nd year, 
188,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 200,000 USD/5-6th year, 
206,000 USD/7-8th year, 
212,000 USD/9th+year
131,000 USD/1st year, 
138,000 USD/2nd year, 
145,000 USD/3rd-4th year, 157,000 USD/5-6th year, 
163,000 USD/7-8th year, 
169,000 USD/9th+year
Monthly Income21,000/1st year, 
22,000/2nd year, 
22,500/3rd year
19,500/1st year, 
20,000/2nd year, 
20,500/3rd year
19,000/1st year, 
19,500/2nd year, 
20,000/3rd year
18,000/1st year, 
18,500/2nd year, 
19,000/3rd year
17,500/1st year, 
18,000/2nd year, 
18,500/3rd year
13,000/1st year, 
14,000/2nd year, 
14,500/3rd year
10,000/1st year, 
10,500/2nd year, 
11,000/3rd year
Annual Leave36 days/
Sick Leave8 days/
Monthly Basic Salary17,500 USD(1st year)1
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