Date posted
20 Dec 2016
Aviation job details:


The ExecuJet Aviation Group is a multi-national business aviation enterprise with associated companies in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. We are active in all aspects of the business aviation industry including executive air charter, aircraft management, maintenance and flight support services.

[..][..]The ExecuJet Aviation Group is currently seeking a suitably qualified person to fill a vacancy within the Cambridge, UK Dispatch department.


[..][..]To oversee the setup, flight watch and safe completion of the companies flying programme by running supervision of the shift team, ensuring all operations tasks are fulfilled, AOC and company procedures are adhered to and communicating effectively with both internal and external clients.


Operational Management

  • Flight monitoring to include tactical control of ATC flight plans; CFMU slot monitoring and gathering movements into the operational system
  • Final check on outstanding services for following day’s flights
  • Monitoring the Operations inbox
  • Maintaining watch of worldwide traffic flow and planning accordingly.
  • To oversee the flying programme operation both tactically and strategically throughout the shift period
  • Controlling live workflow in terms of urgency, severity and other factors and utilising resources available to maximum effect
  • Making critical game changing decisions as to the yes and no’s operationally and informing clients/personal assistants and crew accordingly
  • Oversight and responsibility of subordinates including flight coordinators and more junior dispatchers and ensure completion and quality
  • Ensuring crew pre-briefings are sent for the following day’s flights
  • On shift training of New Starters

Trip Setup

  • Entering flights into Flightware
  • Setting up all services for the flight
  • Arranging handling/fuel/helicopter/VIP and additional lavatory, water, towing, GPU, ASU equipment for the aircraft as necessary
  • Crew Scheduling and Safeguarding compliance with stipulated rules of various AOC’s
  • Obtaining of world wide permissions, Airport slots and ground handling services
  • Ensuring fire categories and other safety/insurance requirements are met
  • Weather monitoring, using METAR and TAF to ensure weather above minima
  • Conduct route evaluations and performance feasibility of client / charter trips
  • Fuel arrangementsand setupof fuelreleases
  • Managing passenger details and arranging customs and immigration services as required for example EAPIS and GAR forms 


  • Dispatch flights
  • Global IFR/VFR, short range and ultra-long rage EROPS / ETOPS flight planning in compliance with multiple worldwide AOC’s, flight safety and flight planning laws
  • Reading FIR/Enroute and Station Notams in the preparation and final dispatch stage of flight planning and acting accordingly should they affect
  • Weather monitoring, using METAR and TAF to ensure weather above minima
  • Licensed Dispatch sign-off for EJ ME aircraft dispatches


  • Arranging additional insurance coverage for aircraft operating into and out of places/countries on coverage exclusion lists and have UN sanctions against them
  • Any other admin tasks allocated by Dispatch Supervisor or Dispatch Manager


  • Liaising externally with Owners, personal aids, Points of Contact, National Aviation Authorities – Globally and worldwide, VIP Service agents and security teams.
  • Coordinating with personal aids / points of contact regarding scheduling both current and future as well updating them live
  • Communicating effectively with both internal and external clients to accommodate with their needs and requirements
  • Sending Client Flight Confirmations


  • Maintaining good customer service standards
  • Updating crew of slots that may be incurred due to European Central flow management
  • Creating a Variety of legal and non-legal documents using Microsoft Office
  • Using Flightware extensively to achieve all the above
  • Prepare and deliver a handover to the oncoming shift providing relevant background information to enhance understanding, highlighting items for immediate action and tasks for completion over the next shift period



  • Breadth of experience of working in a Dispatch department
  • Complete knowledge of regulations and requirements.
  • A highly process driven approach to problem solving.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Proven record as a ‘Team Player’.
  • Willingness to work to objectives set by the Head of Dispatch and/or Post Holders Ground Ops EJ ME and EJ UK particularly with regard to compliance with the approved Fight Dispatch Manual.


  • Hold a valid Dispatch License.

Salary: Competitive, plus allowances

[..][..]Working Hours: [..][..]12.5 hour shifts (including hour unpaid lunch) 4 on 4 off rotation.

Closing Date: 21 November 2015