Seeking A320 Captains – Commuting rosters including 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, base in beautiful Guilin

Tempo aviation
Date posted
12 Feb 2018
Aircraft Types
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China, Asia
Guilin, Guangxi

Pilot job details:

Air Guilin is a fast-growing regional Airline based in Guilin, a top tourist destination in China. 

Guilin has stunning landscape, the breathtakingly beautiful hills, river and colorful rice terraces make Guilin one of the most picturesque region. Guilin is also home to a number of ethnic minority groups which adds more diversity and vibe to this city.

Air Guilin is part of the Hainan Airlines Group. Its A320 fleet is expected to reach 30 by end of 2020, at this moment 6 expat captains are already flying for Air Guilin.

This contract offers:

1. Lucrative pay package, with ascending after-tax annual earning from US$304,000 to US$316,500 with overtime on top

2. 3 different working patterns for pilots to choose from, including 15 days on and 15 days off.

3. US$12,000 travel allowance paid each year plus jump-seat and discounted tickets for pilot and family members

4. Ascending annual bonus from US$12000 to US$24000 every year

5. Pa

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