Sino Jet L650/GV/G280 Captain - 1,800,000-1,920,000HKD(Pre-tax)

Smile aviation
Date posted
22 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
Gulfstream 280
Type rating
China, Asia
Pilot job details:

Sino jet is a business aviation transport enterprises, the company registered in Beijing tianzhu comprehensive free trade zone, mainly to the Beijing capital international airport operations base.

  • Contract term:1-3 years

  • Working pattern:28 days leave annual 

  • Fleet:To be confirmed

  • Highlights:Yearly income up to 1,920,000HKD(Pre-tax)

                                 Muitiple insurance benfits


Sino JetResident(28 days leave annual)
Type RatingL650GV/G280
Contract Period1-3 years
Yearly Income1,800,000-1,920,000HKD(Pre-tax)1,800,000HKD(Pre-tax)
Monthly Income150,000-160,000HKD(Pre-tax)150,000HKD(Pre-tax)
Annual Leave28 days
Sick Leave//
Monthly Basic Salary150,000-160,000 HKD(Pre-tax)
Relocation AllowanceOne time
Ticket Benefits1)Annual leave ticket for his spouse and children (if any) to home base
2)One full economy return air fare per contract year
InsuranceWork injury insurance
Medical insurance
Mandatory Provident Fund
BaseBeijing China
Training pay/
Training length/


  1. Be a national whose home country shall maintain diplomatic relation with the People’s Republic of China, be a national of a contracting party to ICAO;

  2. Must hold valid G-V /G-280/L650/ EMB-145 Type rating License recognized by FAA who hold a CAAC license better at the same time;

  3. G-V/G280/L650/ EMB-145 Recurrent Training within past 12 months;

  4. First Class FAA Medical Certificate;

  5. For Captains age, lower than 50 years old is better;

  6. For the GV/G280 Captain, the rating flight experience time, more than 500 hours, the total flight  experience time, more than 6000 hours;For the L650 Captain, the rating flight experience time, more  than 500 hours, the total flight experience time, more than 5000 hours;

  7. English proficiency level ICAO 4 and above;

  8. No FAA violations, accidents or incidents;

  9. Immediate availability and experience in China are highly preferred.


1.Your G-V/G280/L650/ EMB-145 TOTAL TIME

2.The date of your last G-V/G280/L650/ EMB-145 PC

3.The date of your last G-V/G280/L650/ EMB-145 flight


Screenings are held in China, usually Monday‐Friday (5 Days) They consist of a written ATP test, medical exam, and company SIM [...];