Suparna Airlines B737 NTR

Longreach aviation
Date posted
22 Nov 2017
Aircraft Types
Type rating
Not required
Asia, China

Pilot job details:

Suparna Airlines offers B737 NTR Captain positions for CRJ, EMB, Airbus or Boeing pilots with airline experience.

Suparna will accept all rated Captains with more than 5000 hours on commercial aircraft for upgrade to B737NG or B747 with B787’s arriving over the next few years.

Suparna, formerly known as Yangtze River Express, has rebranded to reflect the new direction for this expanding airline as it looks to increase its passenger and cargo operations across the globe. Suparna currently operates a fleet of 22 freighter and 11 passenger aircraft across B737NG and B744 types, and B787 flights will be operating from December 2017.

Contracts are 3 years in length for type-rated pilots, 5 years for non-type rated pilots. There are three roster choices available: resident in China, or choose from 8 or 11 days off in a block per month. All remuneration is net/after taxes in China.

In addition, all Longreach China contract pilots receive to the following benefits, underwritten by Lloyds of London:

  • worldwide emergency medical coverage whilst away from home
  • Life Insurance to the value of $300,000 AUD
  • access to the Longreach income protection policy that provides up to US$15,000 per month for 24 months, plus a lump sum of up to US$550,000

If you would to view a guide to the terms and conditions, then please .



Contract Length: 3 years renewable for type-rated pilots, 5 years for non-type rated pilots.

There are three type

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