Xiamen Airlines B737/B757/B787 Captain - 161,272USD-323,268USD

Smile aviation
Date posted
22 Dec 2016
Aircraft Types
B737, B757, B787
Type rating
Asia, China
Pilot job details:



Xiamen Airlines is based in Xiamen, which was ranked as "most suitable city for living"and "most romantic leisure city "in [...] is the only Chinese airline who operates all Boeing aircraft. From the three main operational bases in Xiamen, Fuzhou and Hangzhou. Xiamen Airlines now operates a flight network of more than 200 routes to and from over 50 major cities, including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and cities of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.


  • Contract term:3 years

  • Working pattern:Residence, 1 Month on 1 Month off,  2 Month on 2 Month off

  • Fleet:132 B737, 4 B757, 6 B787

  • Highlights:Annual Salary up to 332,220 USD

                    The highest compensation in China aviation

                     Education allowance and Health insurance offered

                     The only Airlines with IOSA Safety Reward in China

                     Muitiple working pattern choices



Xiamen Airlines Option1 Option2 Option3 Option4 Option5
Scheduling Model non-commuting 22days on 8days   off 44days   on 16days off 19days on   11days off 38days on   22days off 17days on   13days off 34days on   26days off 30days on   30days off 2months on   2months off
Type Rating B737
Yearly Income 323,268   USD 311,268   USD 311,268   USD 263,268   USD 263,268   USD 251,268   USD 251,268   USD 191,272USD 161,272   USD
Monthly Income 22,939 USD 21,939   USD 21,939   USD 18,439   USD 18,439   USD 17,439   USD 17,439   USD 13,106   USD 10,606   USD
Monthly Basic Salary 21,889 USD 20,889 USD 20,889 USD 17,389 USD 17,389 USD 16,389 USD 16,389 USD 12,056 USD 9,556 USD
Annual Leave 42 days   (including sick leacve) /
Bonus Safety 24,000   USD/Y 24,000   USD/Y 24,000   USD/Y 18,000   USD/Y 18,000   USD/Y 18,000   USD/Y 18,000   USD/Y 10,000   USD/Y 10,000   USD/Y
  Contract Renewal   Bonus 10,000 USD after signing the second contract and 10,000 USD after each renewed   contract year 
Allowance Housing 7,000 RMB net per month(about 1050 USD)
  Ticket 6,000 USD/Y
  Layover Several hundreds RMB per night depending on company policy
  Education 8000 USD/child per year, no more than two children
Overtime Pay $300/h>[...] $280/h>[...] $280/h>[...] $250/h>[...] $250/h>[...] $250/h>[...] $250/h>[...] $250/h>[...] $250/h>[...]
Ticket Benefits 5 free tickets & 5 ID 75 tickets per year (regional and international flights by XMN) for employee and immediate   family
Insurance(health/business/ license loss) 2000USD/year for employee and immediate family
Base Xiamen
Training Pay Ground 70% of Monthly Basic Salary during Ground School
Line 80% of Monthly Basic Salary during Line Training
Training length /
Note regarding Contract Model For Option 2 Model A, each February is an exception (22 days on+6 days off);For Model B, day off for each single month cannot be more than 14 days
For Option 3 Model A, each February is an exception (19 days on+9 days off);Model B, day off for each single month cannot be more than 16 days
For Option 4 Model A, each February is an exception (17 days on+11 days off);For Model B, day off   for each single month cannot be more than 18 days 
For Option 5 Model A, day off shall commence from 16th of the month and last for 30 days; For Model B, day off cannot be applied for July and August
For Option 4 and Option 5, simulator training shall be done druing day off


  1. 5000+ hours total time, 500 hours PIC on B737NG, 2,000+ hours total PIC and FO time on multi-crew, multi-engine jets

  2. Current flight within recent 12 calendar months

  3. No older than 55 years old 

  4. ICAO level 4

  5. Medical Class 1

  6. No history of incidents or accidents

  7. Recommendation letter



Please send us the documents as below for application. We will assist you to join the screening.

  1. Application Form

  2. Passport

  3. ATPL with ICAO English level

  4. Class 1 Medical Certificate

  5. Last 3 pages of logbook(left and right sides)

  6. Latest Proficiency Check Record or Recurrent training record

  7. Consent letter with Smile Aviation

  8. Certificate of Academic Degree(colorful scan copy)



Screening Schedule

In the beginning or mid of each month most airlines will release their next month screening schedule, we’ll update here timely. Please choose your preferred date for assessment or inform us your available month in advance.


Dec 16th-23rd, ATPL test time(in Xiamen ): Dec 20th


Jan 13th-20th, ATPL test time(in Xiamen ): Jan 17th

Feb 24th-Mar 3rd, ATPL test time(in Xiamen ): Feb 28th

Mar 24th-31st, ATPL test time(in Xiamen ): Mar 28th

Screening Items

Basically the whole screening consists of 2 Phases:

  • Phase 1 (First Trip to China) – Medical check, Company interview, ATP written test, Company SIM Check

  • Phase 2 (Second Trip to China) – CAAC Licensing Checkride

Screening Preparation

Before coming to China, we suggest you to look through the information below on our website:


  1. Visa, Tickets, Hotel

    Our Recruitment Team will assist your visa application, tickets and hotel reservation when you pass qualification check. Tickets and Hotel expenses are covered by airlines. Normally you need to buy the ticket first and get refund from airlines after screening.

  2. Simulator Assessment

    We’ll send you the SIM checklist and relevant profiles when you pass qualification check.

  3. Medical check

    The medical problems that most fail pilots in China are as below. Before you come to China, please keep a light diet and better to have some simple check for your organ. Medical tips will be sent to you together with SIM profiles.

  4. Kidney stone

  5. High blood pressure

  6. Arrhythmia of the heart

  7. Fatty liver GPT ALT high

  8. Glaucoma

  9. Color blindness - cannot see the figures on the book under a fluorescent lamp

  10. Obesity

  11. ATP Written Test

    This test is not difficult as long as you work hard on it. The passing line is 70 of 100, requires constant practice and considerable memorization. Test-oriented and practical ATP self-study materials can be offered upon your approval during qualification check.

An agent from Smile Aviation will guide you step by step during your screening duration in China.